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Automation of Logistics, Conveyors, and Packaging
  • Plant Consulting
  • Process Engineering
  • Packaging Automation
  • Logistics Automation System
Automated inspection systems using Vision Our Vision-based inspection systems are unrivaled around the world in the field of inspection equipment
We provide a complete solution to the HACCP and PL Act and the inspection technology based on patented technology,
such as the production integrated quality control system, which will further upgrade your quality control level
  • Medicine testing
  • confectionery testing
  • vision testing

Chemical and Energy Facility Control

Industrial Plant | Development Plant | Rechargeable battery plant | Environment Plant | Pharmaceutical/Food Plant | Cement Plant | Paper Plant Petrochemical Precision Chemical | Generation Plant

Transfer control of parts and particles

Split handling system
Control between storage | Metering and packaging control | Transfer control | Control of Dust collector


Fuel Feeding System for Electric and Instrumentation Engineering of Power Generation Plant | Sand·Limestone Handling System | FLY & BOTTOM Ash Handling System
Basic & Detail Design Electrical and Instrumentation Design (VP)